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Application Line for High Viscosity Paste

Viscoh Applications 

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Furniture Industry

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Decorative Frames


About Us

Viscoh Alta Performance is a company that manufactures pastes and cylinders for the decorative frames, construction molding, coffins and furniture industries. It has been operating in the Brazilian market for 24 years, being the country's leader in providing a complete solution for pastes and cylinders.

Based on three pillars: quality, performance and sustainability, Viscoh Alta Performance brings direct benefits with productive gains in economy of waste and raw materials to the customer.

The company allows, with the best efficiency, that the internal development and manufacturing processes are monitored and tested in accordance with quality management. We offer an improvement system in the learning and training of our customers' employees, who are in direct contact with their operation.

Our process of continuous innovation guarantees greater convenience to the customers. We guarantee that they have access to the best training professionals, ensuring success in the application. We offer a system of improvements in the learning of employees, whose customers are in direct contact with the operation.

Product Lines

pasta de extrusão caixa pressurizada.png

Extrusion Paste in

in closed pressurized case

pasta de extrusão caixa aberta.png

Extrusion paste in

open case


Extrusion paste

for mending


Extrusion paste

internal and external usage

alimentador automatico de pressão.png

Viscoh ® Automatic

Pressure Feeder


Gravure Cylinders

Massa para gravação.png

Gravure Putty

Our Customers


Excellence is manufactured with dedication!

Therefore, we have a team of committed employees to better deliver a quality product without flaws and imperfections, meeting the demanding quality standards of the market.

Contact Us

Get in touch with our VISCOH team using one of our communication channels or even fill out the form on the side with your questions and we will be delighted to assist you.

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We will contact you shortly! 

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