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Product Lines 

Pasta de Extrusão.png

Extrusion Paste

Developed for finishing high and low density woods in a closed system (pressurized) and open system (traditional) application process.

alimentador automatico de pressão.png

VISCOH ® Automatic Pressure Feeder

The Viscoh Automatic Pressure Feeder is a device that automatically feeds the extrusion paste, increasing productivity and guaranteeing the quality standard.


Gravure Cylinders 

The richness of details is guaranteed throughout its useful life due to the bronze and the specific techniques and craftsmanship developed by our collaborators.

Massa para gravação.png

Engraving Paste

Developed for application in frame profiles, mortuary urns and others, Engraving paste is responsible for covering the profiles, leaving them with a defined appearance.

Discover the different applications used by extrusion paste:

pasta de extrusão caixa pressurizada.png

Extrusion paste

in closed pressurized case

pasta de extrusão caixa aberta.png

Extrusion paste in

open case


Extrusion paste

for mending


Extrusion paste 

internal and external usage

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